Monday, December 8, 2008

~~It's a Wonderful Llife~~

Hello, and good morning. Just finished my laundry, so glad, I hate doing laundry. I have to load them in my truck and then blah blah...anyway, done with that for the week. Now I am going to try and finish my web site for my web design class. Its the only one I have a chance to pass. Don't know, the final project is due this Friday, and haven't even cared to start it. I know the basics, so just maybe I can pull it off. Then I would have 3 F's and possibly a C. I need to go and talk with my advisor at school, but I can't get up there with this stupid anxiety. I'm hoping I might be able to graduate by transferring some credits from another college I attended in 2003-4. I have 20 credits at this school, but I owe them some money before I can get my transcript. If I do this, it would mean I would have over 75 credits, and hoping my advisor will at least let me graduated as "undecided". They do have associate degree's for people who just don't know what they are majoring in. I pray I can do this. I mean after all, I've been trying to get enough credits gathered up since 2002...omgoshhhh. Just give me a degree already, man. Get me the hell out of school. Thats my plan anyways, so I have to make an appointment to talk with my advisor asap.

I was so liking Quicktate. I did it for 2 weeks, then couldn't sign in. So I e-mailed the boss, and she mailed me back saying I had way to many errors. She was nice about it, but omgoshhh. Some of those names I had to try and spell were crazy, and I couldn't hear most of the messages. I do believe she should have gave me a warning instead of just not letting me sign in. Thats not professional to just someone try over and over to sign in, but can't. E-mail the person, tell them they must try harder, then if they still don't understand how to spell all these names ( and some were in Italian, or whatever). I also think they should supply their employee's maybe a list of client customer names, so one can have some idea what the message name may be. Anyway, I'm over it, it still makes me upset, even though I was only making 5 dollars a day for typing none stop for over 5 hours a day. and I was getting headaches for trying to push my brain, trying to understand what half the messages were. So, I guess it could have been a blessing in disguise. I wasn't making much money, plus I was pushing myself hard tor really nothing. I do believe I am worth more then 5 dollars a day. Damn it! So there.

My cat just ran through the apartment and knocked over my feathers I have in a tall basket (really cool feathers I might add). I think she's mad at me because I forgot to get her cat food when i was out. She looked at her bowl, then ran right into the basket. Silly cat. And I do need to change her liter box too. Than could be making her mad..She gets even with me when I don't care of her right. Spoiled. I guess I would be pissed too if my care giver forgot my food. I would probably bit I am gonna take care of her asap as well.

Watching "The View" and Elisbeth said Rev. Wright (Obama's Rev), called her a dumb broad. Not professional at all. He should make some kind of "I'm sorry" or something. Oh well, some people are just rude like that. That's one reason why I didn't want to vote for Obama, because I feel that if he did sit in his church for 20, you do hear something, or whats the since in going to that church. You go to church to learn from you pastor. Not for me to judge. I try not to do that.

God bless you guys all, and I did buy a Christmas card for my special friend. I plan on sending it for "the one" will know my new address. Hope this is a good thing and not a bad thing. Will see soon. Bye bye.

Sincerely. Barbara :)

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