Thursday, December 4, 2008

~~My Bad or What~~.

Alright then. Lets try this its trying to tell me something...maybe I'm not Ok, Now. On October 24th, it was raining, I saw that amazing white truck drive by, I was getting ready to pack to move, I was sad because school wasn't going well. Ok, lets go from there.
I did move, and you will not believe where I moved too: Omgoshhhhhhh. And what makes this so ironic is that my daughter's dad called about these apartments because I was having to much anxiety that day to call. And what else is crazy, is HE is the one that introduced us(the man in the white truck). Ok, if you don't know what I'm talking about, just read through my blog and you will know what I'm talking about. So, as the story goes on, the apartment I am now living in, is the same exact apartment I lived in when I met this man in the "white truck". Which isn't but about a mile from where I used to live. I was driving around in October and seen where they had several apartments for rent, but the ones I was looking at are further down the street then the one I used to live in. Didn't even think of this one. So, I had my daughters daddy call to see if any were available. He called me and said there's one open at 424o, and the address didn't even click. So, I drove down there, and it was the same exact apartment I live in 5 years ago when I first met "The One". So I went and filled out the application for the apartment, and she told me I could rent it, so I gave my deposit right then and there. I am now living here. It feels like I am finally back home where I belong. I still remember living here and if feels good. I am more relaxed. But, I still remember HIM, coming here, and also we had our very first kiss here, right next to where I am sitting now. This is crazy. I was thinking about maybe sending him another card saying something like "If you would like to know where I moved to, just go to the place where you first kissed me" I don't know, this is really scary. So, what do you guys think? I already know I'm

Next, I didn't get my deposit back. She hasn't sent nothing. I wrote a 30 day notice, returned my key and a forwarding address, and cleaned and painted, fixed everything, so I don't why she would keep my 550 dollars. I looked up landlord and renters laws for Indiana, and she has 45 days to send me something regarding why she kept my money. If she doesn't send me something on December 15th, I am getting a lawyer. She probably things I'm a dumbass, and don't know the law, so let her go on with her bad self. My bad, I know, but, that place looked so good when I moved out, plus all the crap I went through before I moved like not having hot water for 2 months, and having that bad leak in my bathroom for over 6 months that she was well aware of. Anyway, enough of her. What goes around comes around 10 times fold. She still hasn't rented that apartment out yet, its still in the paper, so, whatever.

I still have not been able to go back to school since October 24th. My anxiety got so bad in October and November, I just could not go back. So, I will be on academic probation, if they don't kick me out for not going. I will receive 4 F's, making my grade point average 0. I was on the Deans List, now I'm on the Dirt List. Have to think about what my next move will be in this game of life. I go up 4 spaces, then back 8 spaces, just like a board game. I just wish once I'd advance to the top like shuts and ladders. You know that ladder that takes one all the why to the top and you usually the ladder I want to be on. Even though I failed out this semester, I am still in a good mood today. Maybe its this apartment bringing back all those memories of my mystery man. I think I may go ahead and just send a Christmas card and put my new address on it. He can take if from there. Maybe he will see if as fate, that we made a circle and now its 'our time', but I still like my daughters dad, so it would still not be a circle yet. Life is a mystery, you just never know what each day will bring you. Some days are good and some days are not. Like tomorrow, I may not write, I may not be back again for awhile. Who knows. Who cares. OK,
I had a job at Quicktate for about 2 weeks, but had to many errors, so was let go. I went to sign in, but couldn't. I knew if I e-mailed the boss, I knew what she would write back and say before she even did. She was nice about it, so just letting it go, what else can I do. Can't dwell on it, I have way to many failures to dwell. I also couldn't get my medicine yesterday because they said my insurance was denied for some reason. So yesterday wasn't so good. I cried most of the night, but what can I do. Nothing. Go on and wait for the next opp I guess. Well, I am getting off here. God bless you all and have a great day.

Sincerely, Barbara :)


Miss T said...

Hello there Barbara! I was reading the posts on wahm and I just happen to read yours, I'm glad your back!

What a concidence living so close to the "One". Maybe it's fate, I'm very happy you found a place. I think God worked it out this way. Take Care.

Nicoyle said...

That is great that you found a place where you can be relaxed at. To me, I believe it is fate that things are gravitating towards "The One". I think that you should give it a go of sending him something =)