Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~~What will be will be~~

It's raining here..which I love. Its also about 50, so not so cold considering a few days ago it was 20...Weather in Indiana is crazy. Not gonna write much today, because I have a lot on my mind. I did send a Christmas card yesterday to my mystery man. Now I just hope he doesn't decide to drive up...Not sure I am ready for that. I just mainly wanted him to know where I lived now, just because. I like to keep that connection open for whatever life throughs my way, you know. Anyway, I may sign back on after while and write some more, but can't write much at the moment. Not really in a dab mood or anything, not sure whats going on in my mind. I have those days where my mind just wants to rest and not do much of anything. I think my mind is on the guy in the white truck, the mystery man. But not really a mystery man, since I do know him very well, just not lately. I mean, after all, its been 5 years, but feels like yesterday. I know....i do on and on about this person. sorry. Oh, one more thing. The lady and man that lives across the street from me are going through something, but not sure what. I haven't seen her there all week. And last week, she was only there a few hours a day. But he still comes home at the same time everyday. She feeds the squirrels all the time and they're running around looking for food from her. I think they miss her. I would feed them, but feel as if that would be wrong of me. After all, not sure what my neighbors are going through. I hope nothing serious. I hate to see people having problems. God bless you all.

I hope everyone is having a very blessed day. Talk soon.

Sincerely, Barbara :)

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