Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~~Only have a few minutes to write~~

Just writing my Christmas wish....All I  want for Christmas is love and a good job...Is that really asking for too much. I have people who love me in my love...but I want a true man who cares, and puts me first. Also Santa....I really really need a good job..I could have asked for a house, or car, or whatever...but my wishes are pretty easy for you to fulfill..Thanks Santa in advance♥

Talk soon frinds,
Barbara                                           http://lorraine6363.picturecookie.com/

Friday, December 3, 2010

~~A new day begins~~

Good morning all,

My daughter stayed home sick from school again. Not a good way to start the day..I hope she feels better soon. Just cleaning house and watching TV..oh, and facebook, which I love. Still reading through all my new information on work at home cash generator....it's very interesting I must say...just glad it didn't cost much, only 2.97..which was a lot cheaper then one of my classes I've taking at my local college. For sure not going back to school. My mind is made up, and I will succeed if it's the last thing I do. My plan is to hopefully get a full time job ( the one I applied to in manufacturing), and save save save..while looking for a good investment in some kind of work at home business. Going to read and reread; learn and relearn all my new information on how to make money blogging, sending e-mails, and designing using my Illustrator and web coding skills...( I may not be graduating, but I did learn a thing or two about these subjects). Something will happen, I can feel it.

On a lighter note, my two cats are doing goodl..love my cats dearly. They bring me peace when people don't seem to cut it. One of these days I will get married again, because I love being married..when my time is right, God will let this happen. Good things happen to good people, and I feel as if I am a good person, so I will not lose my determination to win in a relationship and career. Have a wonderful day friends, and lets make some money..so we can survive, and help others who need help as well..:)

Barbara                                          http://lorraine6363.picturecookie.com/

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~~New investment~~

Hello friends

How is everyone doing today? Good I hope. Well, I invested a little money into a work at home project but still learning all the ends and outs of this venture. Looks really interesting and will keep everyone posted on how this works. It's called In Home Cash Generator..This package gives one all the tools needed to make money online marketing whatever product one uses. For instance, if you do a lot of blogging, you can get all the traffic information guides, and several ebooks that upload to one's computer. I'm still in the process of doing this. And the best thing is no one has to buy this product from me or I don't have to sell anything to anyone. I paid shipping and handling, and then was given a user name with a code, and didn't have to wait on the books to come in the mail. There is lots of good stuff in this...mostly done by video, so one can see exactly how to put tags in the blogs, and when and where to send written articles to receive payment. I will put the link at the bottom if anyone wants to view. Don't worry, I get nothing for you doing this, I just thought it might help some of you out. I have to go now, but will try and get back on tonight. Have a wonderful money making day:)

Barbara ~~


Monday, November 22, 2010

~~Thinks trying to work at home is impossible~~

Yep.....offically believe working at home is for the experienced people who already have some kind of talent. I've been trying for over 3 years, and still don't have a clue how people do it without putting out money first, in which I don't have. The picturecookie thingy is a big joke. I still have it up, why, I don't know..it's crazy. Anyways, I just hope I can find a job any where. Can ya tell....my spirit is gone for the day. Guess I should stop typing and go pick up my daughter from school...so I can be emotionally abused by her for a while..this takes my mind off the other problem, of not having a job..Have a wonderful day friends...:)

Barbara :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

~~Watchin the Waltons and searching for a job...AGAIN~~

Hello friends..I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...but like everything...all good things must come to an end..I wonder who said that anyways? Or did I just make it up...anyway...it did come to and end, none the less., and I'm right back here at my computer..stll waiting on a magical work at home job to drop in my lap..Only time will tell..
I have some of the best friends on facebook. So supportive. They don't know for the most part how badly depressed I am, or how badly I need a job. I have a total of 150 friends on fb, and most of them have awesome careers....I get jealous some days, and have to turn my computer off. I want so badly what they have...I know that sounds bad, and its not the material things they have, but the fact that they can brag about going to work. I want so badly to sign in fb ad say...."Well, see ya late..off to work"..Some people would want to stay home, but not me. I want a career more then anything else (besides being madly in love with a husband sitting beside me)...but that's another story for another day I suppose.  Anyway, I can't Wait much, cause its interfering with my job search. So will write more later. By the way, I had a very bad night with my 16 year old daughter. Don't know what I am doing to do with that girl.
Don't forget to stop by my cookie store please..It would be nice to sell 1 cookie..so maybe I can brag a little.lol...Enjoy this day:)

Barbara    http://lorraine6363.picturecookie.com

Sunday, November 14, 2010

~~Just a lazy kind of Sunday~~

Hello everyone...Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday..I'm just watching Lifetime movies, and being lazy actually. Trying not to think of negative things today. I may see what jobs are up in wahm.com and some jobs sites around my home base...or not. Like the idea of doing nothing today..I did get dressed...pj's off...so not too lazy. I just seen an advertisement for a Johnny Depp movie..OH YEAH!!! "The Tourist" looks really really awesome. Comes out on December 10th..can't wait.

So I am trying to change my background layout because these dots are not working for me anymore..lol. A friend blogger suggested looking for free layouts on google, and I did..and seen a bunch I love. I tried to change mine, but for some reason everything changed but the words. So I changed it back asap. I probably could have fixed it, but did it quick, and was about to leave the house, so I just changed it back to the norm for now..I may re-mess with here soon today, if I can get out of this lazy mood. Not sure what I did...I followed the directions and all...but when I reviewed it, the layout was there, but still all the blue dots in my wording..lol..Now my major use to be graphic design, with some web design using coding. I gave my great coding book away to a guy friend in one of my classes...so now I have to purchase a new web coding book.You might know, when I give something away, I will need it..oh well. He needed it more at the time because he works in web design and needed some of the codes he couldn't find.

Okay, here I am typing away about nothing really. I really should try and find a job typing because I enjoy it so much. Will write more later...Enjoy this day~~

Barbara :(                      http://lorraine6363.picturecookie.com/

Friday, November 12, 2010

~~So I heard to have a successful blog site, I must be writing about a certain topic~~

I don't know about you, but I believe we can blog on anything...I guess the money makers use different kinds of page set-ups. Maybe when I get big time like them, I will change to something else. For now, I guess blogspot is okay. Still don't know if people really make lots of money blogging anyways. In fact, I haven't I have been searching on the Internet for over 3 years, and have still not found the golden key to success on here, unless I am willing to hash out lots of money. If I'm missing something, would someone please speak up..and thank you if you do.

So, my cookie business is not doing so well yet. Haven't sold one single cookie..It's really okay though..because it didn't cost anything to set up, so might as well keep on trying with it. I am still going to contact them with some ideas I have on them making more money on their product. It is a good idea, and I'm sure someone is making good money off this business. I am going to design my own advertising  flyer's and hopefully send them out to churches and such...maybe this will help grow this business. One day I will find the right business to be in.

Getting ready to head to my dad's for a while. Love my parents. I spend as much time as possible with them, since they live so close. It's also 72 degrees here in Indiana. The perfect day..need to enjoy cause by Sunday, the high will be 52 and rain..then probably snow..yuckville...Well, will catch you all later. Enjoy this Friday nite..:)

Barbara :)    http://lorraine6363.picturecookie.com/

Thursday, November 11, 2010

~Hmmm...doing facebook, and job searching..gezzz~~

Hello Friends,
Getting a headache today...I sure hope I'm not getting sick. As soon as I write this I'm gonna lay down for a few minutes. Just took my 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend to the park. She is getting so demanding in her old age. I bend over backwards for that girl, and she still talks to me mean...What can ya do..??

While taking her to the park, of couse something had to dampen my mood. I ran out of fuel..and had to call my boyfriend, or friend, or baby's daddy..not sure which fits, but anyways, had to wait on a busy street for him to bring the fuel. Not one person stopped tosee if we needed help..and I memorized each and every one of those millions of cars that passed me and didn't stop..lol..It's all good, I had someone coming, but you'd think someone would at least stop and ask...Karma is a bitc, so like I said...it's all good. My applications will have  to wait. I need to lay down....stress is getting the best of me at the moment. Will hollar back at ya later. Have a wonderful day and try and visist my cookie shopie..lol..

Barbara :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh yeah, please visit my cookie store..Thank you~~

~~Watching CMA's~~

Hello all....Just sitting here watching the CMA's.....and decided I really hate the song "Stuck like Glue", by Sugarland...I like Sugarland, but I hate that song...lol..
Been putting in more applications today, still hoping I get something before Christmas. I hope this picturecookie thing takes off, but someone should really tell the company owner that the prices are just a little high. It's great deals for social occasions like church events and the such, but to just buy a box can be expensiive. But they are good, and nicley packaged, so maybe if I had money like most people in this world, I wouldn't think the price was bad. Anyways, it is fun and I just pray it takes off.
How is everyone tonight? Good I hope. I am trying to visist as many blog sites as I can each day and will try and leave a comment. It's been so long since I last blogged, I can't even remember who's I use to visit a lot, except a few that were close to me. I see such nicely done blogs, you guys should be proud. Is anyone making any good money doing this blog thing? Just curiious if anyones is making the big time yet. If so, can you give me some hints..lol..would really appreciate it. Well, gonna finish watching the CMA's. Will write more tomorrow. Enjoy this nite

Barbara :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's been a while

It's been a long time since I last blogged, but hey I'm back. With new thoughts and new idea's on life and love. I am still living single, but still see my daughter's daddy everyday. I know right, doesn't make since, but really, what does nowadaysss. lol. I am now offically not going back to school. It has been nothing but a headache for the past 7 years. Time to throw in the towel, and try new things. I am going to spend more time searching the net looking for ways to make a living from home, and start by trying to sell cookies using "Picturecookie"....I am a shopkeeper, so will let you know how this goes. Not expecting big income, just have to start some where, and this is my where for now. Plus, I am actively putting like a million app's a day online in hopes of finding anything....hoping for manufacturing:)Well, have a lots to do today, so will for sure write more later..Have a wonderful day friends. Also I will put my new picturecookie website right here, so you can check it out. Barbara :)