Friday, November 12, 2010

~~So I heard to have a successful blog site, I must be writing about a certain topic~~

I don't know about you, but I believe we can blog on anything...I guess the money makers use different kinds of page set-ups. Maybe when I get big time like them, I will change to something else. For now, I guess blogspot is okay. Still don't know if people really make lots of money blogging anyways. In fact, I haven't I have been searching on the Internet for over 3 years, and have still not found the golden key to success on here, unless I am willing to hash out lots of money. If I'm missing something, would someone please speak up..and thank you if you do.

So, my cookie business is not doing so well yet. Haven't sold one single cookie..It's really okay though..because it didn't cost anything to set up, so might as well keep on trying with it. I am still going to contact them with some ideas I have on them making more money on their product. It is a good idea, and I'm sure someone is making good money off this business. I am going to design my own advertising  flyer's and hopefully send them out to churches and such...maybe this will help grow this business. One day I will find the right business to be in.

Getting ready to head to my dad's for a while. Love my parents. I spend as much time as possible with them, since they live so close. It's also 72 degrees here in Indiana. The perfect day..need to enjoy cause by Sunday, the high will be 52 and rain..then probably snow..yuckville...Well, will catch you all later. Enjoy this Friday nite..:)

Barbara :)

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