Sunday, November 14, 2010

~~Just a lazy kind of Sunday~~

Hello everyone...Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday..I'm just watching Lifetime movies, and being lazy actually. Trying not to think of negative things today. I may see what jobs are up in and some jobs sites around my home base...or not. Like the idea of doing nothing today..I did get dressed...pj's not too lazy. I just seen an advertisement for a Johnny Depp movie..OH YEAH!!! "The Tourist" looks really really awesome. Comes out on December 10th..can't wait.

So I am trying to change my background layout because these dots are not working for me A friend blogger suggested looking for free layouts on google, and I did..and seen a bunch I love. I tried to change mine, but for some reason everything changed but the words. So I changed it back asap. I probably could have fixed it, but did it quick, and was about to leave the house, so I just changed it back to the norm for now..I may re-mess with here soon today, if I can get out of this lazy mood. Not sure what I did...I followed the directions and all...but when I reviewed it, the layout was there, but still all the blue dots in my my major use to be graphic design, with some web design using coding. I gave my great coding book away to a guy friend in one of my now I have to purchase a new web coding book.You might know, when I give something away, I will need it..oh well. He needed it more at the time because he works in web design and needed some of the codes he couldn't find.

Okay, here I am typing away about nothing really. I really should try and find a job typing because I enjoy it so much. Will write more later...Enjoy this day~~

Barbara :(            

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