Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~~Watching CMA's~~

Hello all....Just sitting here watching the CMA's.....and decided I really hate the song "Stuck like Glue", by Sugarland...I like Sugarland, but I hate that
Been putting in more applications today, still hoping I get something before Christmas. I hope this picturecookie thing takes off, but someone should really tell the company owner that the prices are just a little high. It's great deals for social occasions like church events and the such, but to just buy a box can be expensiive. But they are good, and nicley packaged, so maybe if I had money like most people in this world, I wouldn't think the price was bad. Anyways, it is fun and I just pray it takes off.
How is everyone tonight? Good I hope. I am trying to visist as many blog sites as I can each day and will try and leave a comment. It's been so long since I last blogged, I can't even remember who's I use to visit a lot, except a few that were close to me. I see such nicely done blogs, you guys should be proud. Is anyone making any good money doing this blog thing? Just curiious if anyones is making the big time yet. If so, can you give me some really appreciate it. Well, gonna finish watching the CMA's. Will write more tomorrow. Enjoy this nite

Barbara :)

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