Thursday, November 11, 2010

~Hmmm...doing facebook, and job searching..gezzz~~

Hello Friends,
Getting a headache today...I sure hope I'm not getting sick. As soon as I write this I'm gonna lay down for a few minutes. Just took my 16 year old daughter and her boyfriend to the park. She is getting so demanding in her old age. I bend over backwards for that girl, and she still talks to me mean...What can ya do..??

While taking her to the park, of couse something had to dampen my mood. I ran out of fuel..and had to call my boyfriend, or friend, or baby's daddy..not sure which fits, but anyways, had to wait on a busy street for him to bring the fuel. Not one person stopped tosee if we needed help..and I memorized each and every one of those millions of cars that passed me and didn't's all good, I had someone coming, but you'd think someone would at least stop and ask...Karma is a bitc, so like I's all good. My applications will have  to wait. I need to lay down....stress is getting the best of me at the moment. Will hollar back at ya later. Have a wonderful day and try and visist my cookie

Barbara :)

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Nicoyle said...

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