Monday, November 15, 2010

~~Watchin the Waltons and searching for a job...AGAIN~~

Hello friends..I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...but like everything...all good things must come to an end..I wonder who said that anyways? Or did I just make it did come to and end, none the less., and I'm right back here at my computer..stll waiting on a magical work at home job to drop in my lap..Only time will tell..
I have some of the best friends on facebook. So supportive. They don't know for the most part how badly depressed I am, or how badly I need a job. I have a total of 150 friends on fb, and most of them have awesome careers....I get jealous some days, and have to turn my computer off. I want so badly what they have...I know that sounds bad, and its not the material things they have, but the fact that they can brag about going to work. I want so badly to sign in fb ad say...."Well, see ya to work"..Some people would want to stay home, but not me. I want a career more then anything else (besides being madly in love with a husband sitting beside me)...but that's another story for another day I suppose.  Anyway, I can't Wait much, cause its interfering with my job search. So will write more later. By the way, I had a very bad night with my 16 year old daughter. Don't know what I am doing to do with that girl.
Don't forget to stop by my cookie store please..It would be nice to sell 1 maybe I can brag a this day:)


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