Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 26..Don't know what this day will bring!!!

Can you believe it....i actually slept until 9am...amgsoh! I never sleep this late. But, that made me jump up even faster. I wish I wouldn't do that, jump fast as if I am in trouble for sleeping. Oh well, just drinking my coffee and trying to relax from about killing myself jumping out of bed. If you don't know why I get up fast, I explained all that in my very first post, so i won't bore you today with my anxiety problem. Today, there is somethins else on my mind. You see, sometimes I get little signs about the future, so i feel anyway.
On April 29 of this year, i was on the computer, and i seen this date, for no good reason..July 26..with not year behind it..didn't think much of it, but within an hour, i was watching TV, and there it was again...July 26, with no year behind was creepy. So I wrote this date down in my scheduler. So far, so good. I have had little signs at other times, that i will explain at another time. Things that lead me to God. If nothing happens today, I will talk about a few tomorrow when I wake up. So with July 26 fianlly here, I pray that it is something awesome, like a dream job, or marriage proposal(which would be a blessing, because there is no one i am in love with at the, one man, but I haven't been in contact with him in over a year. I fell in love with him, an then we just stopped, an went our separate ways. Don't know where he is now. Ok, i am just rambling on..i have so many things I could talk about. Save for another day. From love, to divorce, to babies, to just about anthing, I've been through it. God bless you all.
Barbara :)

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