Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 26th turned out to be just another day, oh well..

So I made it through July 26th...nothing happened..i don't whether to be glad or sad. As I wrote in yesterday's blog, i circled that date because for some reason i seen that date 2 times in April. Don't know what it meant. Oh well...maybe its next July
Got up early and took my daughters dad some place. Got back home an hour ago, and really bored. I reaa the newspaper, and watched a movie. Would clean, but did that yesterday. What an exciting life I lead. Hopefully this week I will get started on my new work at home job. It will take me a couple of weeks to get everything set up though. I wil need a second phone line, and a desk top computer. Plus a printer and Lord knows what else, but it will be worth it to stay at home and monitor my daughter. Plus, its pays good, and I won't have to buy gas for my truck...just don't know about the customer service type of work. I've never done this kind of work before. My main experience has always been in we'll see. If God wants me to do it, then I'll be able to do it. If not, I'm sure He will put me on another path before this job starts. I have changed directions more then I would like to count. In relationships, jobs, living locations, cars, just every area. I move a lot, and get tired of things easy...this is not good...i believe it has to do with my anxiety problem..Well, I think me and my daughter are leaving will talk again to you all tomorrow..Have a great day and God bless..
Barbara :)

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