Monday, July 28, 2008

Food, men, the one!!

Good afternoon everyone,
Just fixing banquet pot pies for me and my daughters lunch. Not my first choice, but oh well. Today I was thinking about that man that I said I loved a while back. My life with men and love has been a book all in its self. I got married when I was 18 years, had a baby boy named Bobby, at 20, got divorced at 26, dated about 6 men in 6 months at age 26..i call that my wild time. I just for some reason didn't care about anything at that tiime. I had a good job making 13. oo an hour, and lots of friends. Me and my son lived by ourselves. Then I met this man through my new job, (my 14 year olds daddy), and we have been on and off for 17 years now. In between our breakups, he has had girlfriends, and I have had boyfriends. Thats how I meet my stalker of 5 years(in which i haven't seen him now in 3 years, don't know what happened to him), and this other man, in which i felt was "the one". But me and my daughter's daddy got back together, and that one ended also. So, the reason my daughters daddy and me are not together, together, is because he's an alcoholic. That is the reason I had him move out 4 years ago. He lived with his dad for a while, now he lives in his van, running an extension cord to his van for power, at a friends house. Me and my daughter go and see him every night for about an hour. He will not quit drinking for me, and for some reason, i can't just let him go. I take him places, and he helps me with my bills, when he can. So I give him something, and in return, he gives me something. (no sex in this exchange)...just in case anyone is wondering if that plays a part. As a matter of fact, I am waiting until I get married for that, so that may never happen again...omgoshh....!!!
Anyway, I was thinking about this man that was "the one" Can someone please tell me how to locate him. And if I do locate him, what do I say? So, as you can see, my life with men has not been easy. Not to mention another man I met online a while back...that is a whole nother day..I promise I will tell about that situation here soon. Well, my pot pies are about finished, so I better get going for now. God bless everyone, and have a great day.
Sincerely, Barbara :)

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