Saturday, July 19, 2008

Good Bye to a good life long friend R.I.P.

Good morning everyone,
This morning I woke up, but not in my usual way. In past mornings, I had anxiety and thoughts that are uncommon to most people after having a good nights sleep. My phone rang and woke me up around 6:30. My boyfriend called me to let me know that a good friend died at 2am in the morning. My friends name is Tim. a.k.a. (tiny). I really don't have words on how this makes me feel at the moment, since I am trying to take it all in. Yesterday afternoon, my friend who is only 48, went in to have surgery on his stomach. His family just put in a Nursing Home a couple of weeks ago, because no one could care for him. He was a drinker for as long as I've known him. I just seen him last week sitting out in his father's yard, as the family had a family reuion last weekend. So, he did get a chance to see all his family one last time. He has 14 bothers and sisters.
I remember when we were all children, he was a little older, but him and his bothers and sisters used to come over to our house, and my dad would spray us all off with the garden hose, as we couldn't afford a swimming pool. But it was soooo much fun in those days. I will never forget Tim. I know he is in a better place this morning, smiling down on his family, sitting with God.
Well, I will let you guys go for now. My anxiety is kind of gone at the moment, because I am feeling like I don't really care what my neighbors think I do all day long. I am alive, and that is all that matters this morning. When we think life can't possibly get any worse, just think of my friend, Tim, who died an awful death, and I am missing him a lot. God bless all.
Sincerely, Barbara

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