Thursday, July 31, 2008

I wish i may, i wish i might

I wish i may, i wish i might, i wish i may have this wish tonight~~I finally heard from ChaCha..yahhhh!!! Now I can start making some money. I hope its fun, and brings me lots of money. Me and my daughter can sure use it. Today i helped my daughter make her blog. She was just writing her heart. I hope she can make some money too.
Just through watching Big Brother that show. Angie went home..not my first choice to leave, but oh well. Now i am contemplating whether i should take my chacha test, or wait until i can go print out the handbook. I think i should wait, i would hate to fail the test. If anyone wants to know about chacha, just mail me and i will let you in on this nice little job.

Today i had a doctors appointment, which went well. She told me i should go and have a pap smear...i know...sounds awful, that's why i put it off as long as possible.. My doctor didn't know that i haven't had one since my daughter was born, in which she is now 14 years old. Omgoshh...its been 14 years since my last pap smear....not good..she said i need to go and have one asap. Yuck...I also got some news from my college saying I had an outstanding balance that i need to take care of before my financial aid will take tomorrow i need to call the school and get that fixed....i had no idea i had a balance..i get financial aid, so everything is supposedly paid for..just another thing on my list of things to do.
I did see a really good looking guy today while i was out and about...One of these days i will find "the one". People who are married wish they were single sometimes, and single people wish they were married sometimes...we are never happy..are we?
Well, talk tomorrow, God bless you all.
Barbara :)

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