Friday, August 1, 2008

~~~God is Love~~~

Hello everyone~~It's a wonderful day. When you have God in your life anything is possible. If it wasn't for God, i doubt I'd be here right now. I pray when i first wake up and through out my day. I started really feeling the presence of God about 4 years ago, when i asked someone this simple question~~"What is the difference between God and Jesus? Then my life started changing. The one sure way I know God is there, is the way I do things now. I used to live with my boyfriend, but not long after asking that question, I had him move out. I was drinking a little, not much at the time, but i stopped. The main reason I know He is there and hears us is, i used have sex without thinking twice whether I was making God mad at me. I mean if I was married, no problem, but i wasn't married, and didn't really care. Then after asking the question, What is the difference between God and Jesus? I started caring about little actions I was doing on my part. I stopped cursing,(sometimes those words go come out, but it takes a whole lot of madness). I am still confused though why I am having a hard time with financial needs, and finding love again, and why my depression and anxiety will not go away, but I know there is a reason why I still suffer from these things. God is using me for something, I just don't know what yet. The truth will come out soon, I just know it will. In the mean time, I will stay faithful, and will not go back to my old ways, no matter how tempting the urges become. Which right now, I am dreaming of the day I get married. Not sure who this man will be, but I have a big God, so I am sure He has someone really special in mind for me. God bless everyone, and talk again tomorrow.
Barbara :)

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