Monday, August 18, 2008

~~School days are here again~~

Good evening all, tomorrow is school....YES!! Been waiting on this night for a while. Love my baby girl, but mommy needs a break. About half way through the day I will start to miss her lots. After all, she is about the only person I talk to during my days, besides my cat. Yeah, I talk to my cat, Tigre. She sleeps with my Nikki, my daughter, and I'll go in her room at night and see my girls sleeping, and they look so peaceful. But when they wake up, omgoshh, its on. She trained our cat to act like her. This is daughter has always liked to rip paper up into little pieces, and through them up in the air like snow, (she even does this now that she's 14, not so funny now), but anyways, she has trained our cat to rip up paper with her teeth. We crinkle a sheet of paper and through it at Tigre, and she grabs it in her teeth, and sits there ripping it up into little pieces..She is so cute when she does that. And she looks up at us like" look at me, ain't I cute"...Love my girls.
Watching the news and "Fay" is heading to Florida; lets just hope it stays a tropical storm and not a hurricane. Well, I need to close out of here, and try and get ready for bed. I was suppose to have my NTI interview today, but changed it until tomorrow, so now I have a long interview tomorrow and wish I did it today..oh well. Plus a few other work at home places have sent me, it has been a good week for opportunities..ChaCha has a different position available, iDictate sent me an e-mail to be on their waiting list, and my blog is almost ready..still need to do some things to my blog that I keep putting off. I will finish the last minute details tomorrow after my interview with NTI...Busy bee I am..And school starts next week for me..full time. Going to be busy, so I hope I can keep this blog going.
Good night all and God bless you all.
Sincerely. Barbara :)

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