Monday, August 4, 2008

~~Home Sweet Home~~

Good morning...getting ready to pick up my daughter from her friends house. She spent the night there, and she's giving me a hard time this morning because she want to stay longer...shes been there since yesterday..starting to feel like she doesn't love me and wants to stay away. I know when I was that age, I was never home, but she is not mature for her age. I don't like this teen business. It really sucks. And another thing...she is always taking pictures and putting them on her myspace. I don't know about her, shes really starting to worry me.
School starts in 2 weeks..this summer really went fast. In a way I am glad, because I love fall, but in a way I'm not. That means winter will be here soon...don't really mind cold weather, I just hate scrapping my car windows...omgoshhh...i hate that sooo much. But the first snow is relaxing. It would be more relaxing if I had "the one" well, its still not my time. Maybe I'm suppose to be by't believe that.
As soon as I get one of those work at home jobs, I plan to move to the country in a house. Right now I live in an apartment, and I really have no privacy at all. People above me, beside me and across the hall way from me...I feel as if I can't breath. Anxiety gives you that feeling. I want a front porch over looking a field, with a porch swing...listening to my radio, doing school work, with a husband sitting beside me..."Dream a little dream for me"..oh well, one of these days...I have to get ready to go and get my child..She better get in my car...shes wanting to go to Holiday World on the 11th of this month, but the way shes acting, I doubt I will let here unless she changes her ways...God bless you all..have a wonderful day~~
Sincerely, Barbara :)

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