Wednesday, August 20, 2008

~~Must I Leave Today~~

Good morning all~~Well, I get another chance to take my NTI test. I am going to the library to retake it as I am afraid to take it on this computer. I hope I pass, so hopefully I can start working real soon. Need to get my butt off of here and go to Ivy Tech as well, my college of choice, which I might add is a great school for moms. Have to visit the book store and get those books. The book stores at colleges make a lot of money selling those books. My Math book costs 130 dollars, and I have 3 other classes as well. Thank God for Financial Aid. BUT, not when one graduates..Most of the money has to be paid back and that can take years. I just hope this degree I'm working on pays off in the long run. To me it sounds like a catch 22. So far I have taken out $14,000 on school loans. By the time I am finished, I will owe back almost $20,000. The higher ups insist getting a degree is essential in getting a good paying job, but I do know people who make good money with barely high school under their belt, with no debt. So, with my degree the first thing I will set out to do is pay off student loans, Oh My! Anyways, I do not feel any regrets for going back to school. Before I started, my grammar was not so good. My communication skills really sucked. It is helping me with my anxiety problem. It helps me more now in situations with people. Not a lot, but more then before. I still have way too many days when I don't want to leave my apartment. Like right now..I have to go to the library to take that test...and I can't get out the door. I will get dressed, and pace trying to get out the door. I check all electrical outlets, the stove, look in the mirror a million times looking for flaws. It's awful some days. My Diet Pepsi Max is so good. I can't stress it enough, you must try Diet Pepsi Max. You will love it and I'm not getting paid to say this, as I am still in the beginners stage of blogging. But I tell all my friends to try it , so why not tell you guys.
Have to get off here, because I could write all day, as you can tell by now. My blogs are all so long, I bet if I cut them in half, more people would read them all the way through. Can't help myself. Okay, I am signing off. You guys have a wonderful day and God bless.
Sincerely, Barbara ~~

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