Wednesday, August 6, 2008

~~Summer 08 just about over~~

Good morning everyone..Just woke up and not feeling very positive. I did wake up fast and jump out of bed fast. I came into the kitchen and fixed my coffee..turned on my computer and TV, watched Paula White, a minster on TV that has really helped me feel better about myself and days when I want to give up, which is a lot. It looks like rain here today, that's OK, I like rain..when the sun is out, I feel worse for some reason. The sun usually makes people feel better but not me..Also prefer night time to day time.
Well, summer 08 is just about ready to come to a close, and fall will be here...yahhh...even thought this summer has went pretty fast. Only a couple more weeks and my daughter will start school. She starts on Aug. 18..she needs to yo back, because she spent the whole summer on the computer and phone. My phone is going dead because she is on it too much. I had to get call waiting last week, because as you know, I am trying to get a work at home job, and she was on the phone from the time she got up until she went to bed...same with the computer...and if I wanted to fight with her, I would take them from her, but I don't have the energy. Her daddy got mad at me last night because I didn't want to leave the apartment. He goes "that's why I gave you 5 dollars for gas so you would come down"..oh well, I am depressed and if he doesn't see that then he doesn't care about me...I tell him all him all the time, I don't feel like I can go on..but no one listens to me...I feel as I'm in this world all by myself.
Well, everyone have a wonderful day, and God bless you all...all that are out there, but I do believe I am typing to myself, because I never see anyone comment..That's OK, at least I can let out my feelings, and feel better about me..a little bit anyway...not much.
Sincerely, Barbara ~

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