Friday, August 29, 2008

~~McCain Picks Palin as running mate~~

My water is not getting hot. Does this mean I blew a fuse, or do you think its something else? I hate to call my landlord about something that I can fix myself. I guess I could call my daughters daddy. He'll just say 'Call your landlord" . I don't feel like having maint. men in my apartment today..makes me nervous. Anyway, on to something else. Was going to do some Math today, but changed my mind, oh my. I better get my butt in gear with that class if I want to pass math and graduate. I decided to stick with the class I am lost in, because how else am I going to learn if I keep dropping them. So, I will just do lots of reading and learn lots this semester. I am not going back next year, this is it.

"Big Brother" was pretty awesome last night. There was a double eviction and Michelle and Ollie went home. Not sure if I'm happy with that, but at least Renny and Jerry are still in the running, in which I am for. Really, Jerry is the one I want to win. Go Jerry.

John McCain picked Sarah Palin out of Alaska as his Vice President running mate. I think he made a good choice. She is 44, and a governor in Alaska..interesting. Glad to see a woman is having a chance to win the White House. If I do vote, it will be for McCain. Saying IF.

Hurricane Gustav is suppose to be heading to the Gulf by Monday morning. People around that area are getting ready. I pray that its not another Katrina. Then right behind it is another one named "Hanna", oh my gosh. Well, have to go, God bless you all, and have a great weekend. Be safe.

Sincerely, Barbara :)

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