Wednesday, August 13, 2008

~~Project Runway anyone~~

Hi all, I just finished watching Project Runway, and Kelli went home. I really liked her. I thought her styles were really fashionable. I think they made a mistake tonight. Anyway, love this show, if you never watch, i would. Tomorrow is my daughter's orientation for high school. She is really excited about going. But she better get to bed, she has to be there at 8am. So it will be an early morning for us. Then she goes back next week on Tuesday for her first day. I need a break, so sort of happy. Then I go back the following week. I still haven't went school shopping yet. On my list of things to do.
I finally asked my dad today if I could borrow some money to pay a couple of my bills. My mom didn't look to happy, but she knows I will pay her back in a few weeks. I feel a little better about not worrying about my phone and cable tonight. I am getting a headache, not sure why. I think its because I spend too much time online looking for a job. It's really starting to stress me out. I am looking outside the home for work now, since school is starting back up. I do wish one of work at home places would call, but I am starting to think working at home is just a myth for me. It seems to work for everyone else, but nothing is appearing for me. I do have an interview at MAB Paints here in my home town next Tuesday. They pay really good, but I would have long hours away from my daughter, and it would interfere with my classes, but I don't know what else to do. Survival is all that matters at this point. Must provide for my daughter, and if I have to go outside the home, then I guess that is what God wants me to do. Life is so confusing. One day you know something about something and the next day you know nothing. Really sucks sometimes. But have to keep rolling with the wind. At least fall is almost fall time. It is the most relaxing time of the year and the most calmest for me. Well, I need to get ready for bed. I am getting up a 6am, so I can make sure my daughter gets to school on time..I have to get her off the phone too. Shes in there making lots of noise. She has ADHD, and is overly active tonight. God bless you all and have a blessed night, SWEET DREAMS
Sincerely, Barbara

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