Monday, August 25, 2008

~~Yes, I can do this, Yes, I can do this~~

School starts today for me, well not until this evening, but still a little nervous. I have 4 classes this semester: 1 online class which is Web Design, and 3 in a class room. I have Algebra(yuck, which is tonight from 6 to 9pm), and I have Electronic Illustration, and also Graphic Media, so I am going to be busy and anxious this week. Even though I don't go to class until tonight, my nerves are going crazy. I did jump up out of bed quick with lots of anxiety and had to come in and sit on my sofa to catch my breath before getting my daughter up for school. Took her to school, now catching up with some online stuff before going to my closet in search of the perfect first day outfit. That's always awful for me. I usually end up trying on everything in my closet before deciding what to wear...that's an anxiety attack waiting to happen in itself. Think positive Barbara, this is your last year and then you'll have that degree(well, it I pass Algebra...grrrrr). Oh yeah, I need to call my doctor and get my script filled. Can't go to school without my medicine.

I got accepted for PayPerPost, but still have not downloaded my toolbar, I've been to nervous this weekend to even work on it. Since I don't have a class tomorrow, I think I will spend the day working on my blog, and maybe trying to take that test for ChaCha. They sent me another e-mail to be an expediter, since I failed the guide role. Some many things to do, and such little time. I bet NTI will call me back this week also and set a second interview ans ask me which job I am interested in. How am I going to do all this plus be a good mommy. Omgoshhh..First I have nothing on my plate, now its Anyway, I am not complaining. I can handle just about anything, because I have been through everything. I will just have my daily anxiety attacks, and make the best of it. My cute little kitty is sleeping on the floor next to me, looking so peaceful. Sometimes I wish I was a cat. No worries, just lay around and eat and sleep. Being my luck though, I would be one of those cats that have to go look in dumpsters for their food, and find an abusive mean man to care for me. Just my luck.

Last night I watched "Big Brother", and Memphis and Jerry went up for eviction. I don't know who's going to be sent packing, they do that on Thursday night..I arranged my class schedule around Big Brother..silly me. Can't help it, I am addicted to that show about as much as I am my Diet Pepsi Max, speaking of which, I only have 2 cans left, and broke, so I have to start school without my Pepsi fix tonight. Well, I do have 2, which will do me until this afternoon. Man, got to do something about that problem today. And I did ask my mom to help me with my electric bill, and she is, bless her heart. Thank you mommy. Yeah, I better go pay that today as well, before I go to school. I guess I've chatted long enough. I will let everyone know tomorrow how my school night went. God bless you all and have a great day.

Sincerely, Barbara :)


Drizzly said...

Good luck! At least this is your last year. My poor hubby has at least 4 more to go ( a five year degree)

I am so glad that HE went back to school and not me,,, I stay home with the kids. I applaud you for being a mom and a student I know is must be a challenge.

I am sure it will be worth it in the long run right?

Chrisi said...

I totally hear ya on being nervous for school. I was nervous going back to school this fall- all last year I took online classes- this was my first time in an actual classroom in 10 years!!!!! I have to admit, I really enjoy the on campus classes- I am learning so much more. Online classes - I just read and read and read... I wish you the best of luck with school. I will check back and see how things are going :)