Tuesday, August 19, 2008

~~Tested to the Limit~~

Omgoshhhh..my computer froze up while taking my tests for NTI...now I don't know what to do...I did e-mail them and let them know about the problem, but I am so scared I screwed this up big time..I need this job sooo much. I just needed to come here and vent. Waiting on a reply from them..Please God let them let me retake this test, I know I can do it. I will keep you people updated on my sorry life situations that seem to happen every single day of my life..If its not one thing its another...Heck, I couldn't even pass the ChaCha test..If they don't give me another chance I am going to cry for weeks, because I have been waiting all summer for this work at home job. Please pray for me, please. God bless you all.
Sincerely. Barbara :(

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Miss T said...

Hello there Barbara, gosh I'm so sorry that happened to you,I hope they give you a chance to retake the test at NTI, I heard they are a good company to work for. Lots of luck