Thursday, August 28, 2008

~~School Sucks~~

Omgoshhhh!! I just had a day in hell. First me and my daughter got into a screaming match this morning before she went to school. She wanted to go a half hour early and I said no, so she starts yelling at me and finally I said "You know what, go get your books and come on, get in the truck." I was soooo upset. Then I had to come back home and get ready for my first day in my new class, which is "Electronic Illustrator" and let me tell you. Right from the get go, I was lost. Everyone went from layer to layer, and was putting colors on and the whole nine yards..and the instructor kept saying "Am I going to fast", omgoshhh, I couldn't even get the first screen to come up in illustrator. When everyone took a break I went up to the instructor and said "I don't think I'm in the right class because I'm not getting any of this". He said I would, and we would mainly be working by ourselves. I moved to the back of the class, turned on another computer, and just listened to what he was saying. It was hell. I have to have this class, so I can't drop it. Plus, I need to know how to do my graphics for web design, but my gosh, how did everyone else get so advanced. They've been taking the same classes as me. I went up to a friend and asked her how she knew so much and she said, "Oh, I have illustrator on my computer at home"..seems almost everyone in class has it but me. They bought it at the bookstore for $400..omgoshhhhh...I don't have $400 dollars. I came home and got me a Diet Pepsi Max, took a xanax, and started watching the news to see where the new hurricane is headed. Then I turned on my computer, but I'm not liking my computer at the moment because I just spent 4 hours in class trying to figure out illustrator. I went to class registration and was looking for something to replace that class with but can't find any. Man, I don't know if I can do it or not. My class yesterday was OK. She let us go after an hour; mainly just told us what we would be doing this semester. Now my anxiety is really high. What if I can't do this class?

I thought my Aunt Peggy's funeral was on Saturday, but its on Friday. I was going to relax tomorrow after all these hell classes I had this week, but I have to go to my Aunt's funeral. I think I am going to be sick. I love my Aunt, and don't want to go. I may not because I feel as if I am having a mental break down at the moment. Maybe after watching "Big Brother tonight I will feel better. What a sad little life I have. Excitement=Big Brother..omgosh. Sad, Sad.

Well, I have been trying to get opp's on ppp, but haven't gotten any yet. Guess I'm not fast enough, I don't know. NTI hasn't contacted me because my VR counselor hasn't okay'ed me yet. WTF. The government sure does believe in taking their sweet time. Stop venting Barbara, its not good for you. I think I will call her as soon as I get through writing this. Okay, I am signing off. God bless you all and excuse my cursing(at least it was just letters and not the actual words..).

Sincerely, Barbara :)

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Nicoyle said...

Just breathe and I'm sure you will do fine once your class gets underway. But I know how you feel.In my accounting class, I was getting frustrated when we had to do our assignments for the next class and didn't understand it really. But after practicing the work, I am getting the basic. Just practice and keep asking questions. Best of luck! =)