Tuesday, August 5, 2008

~~Obama or McCain-Who's your choice?~~

Just watching the news...lets see, in LA, a plan had to have an emergency landing..don't know details yet...Morgan Freeman had an accident on a Mississippii highway yesterday, but I believe he is ok and out of the hospital today. Hurrican Edouard is making a landing in Texas..but I think its down sized to a tropical storm..which is still not good, but better then what believed. Obama and McCain are still figuring each other out..an on going event..in which I must say, I don't care for either. I was gunning for Obama, but in the last 6 months, I don't do much anymore. He cute, and smart, and witty, but can he really run the country? I don't know. I think McCain is a bit older and I think that may get in his way. Not saying age matters, but he is 75 I believe...that is a factor. I do see him flip flopping on lots of issues, and so does Obama. So, I just will not vote.
Still waiting on one of those work at home jobs to appear...I am starting to thing working at home is only a myth. I have seen so many job listings on WAHM, and WPLH, but when I apply I get rejected. I don't understand. Still waiting on N.E.W to contact me..in which I thintraining starts for that job on Sept.8th(my birthday). So there is still hope for that one. The NTI people were suppose to contact me, but haven't heard anything yet. Still have not taken my test for chacha yet. Not sure if I will pass that test because of my anxiety. When I get nervous, my brian freezes up. I always say I will take it today, but then today comes and goes, and I am still saying "I will take it today"'...silly me..
Hey, does anyone know a website where I can get a free Algebra tutor? When school starts in 2 weeks, I have to pass this class. I have taken it 4 times, and I have to graduate this May 09. Must have this credit. I am out of ways of trying to figure this out. I am good at anything artisy..but give me Math..and forget it. If you do know of a good website, just e-mail me at lorraine6363@aol.com
Welll, I must leave you all, i have to write in my other blogs...I will list them on here when I have them up and ready...God bless you all
Sincerely, Barbara ~~


Anonymous said...

Hi! I work for ChaCha, and they just announced a big pay decrease. I don't know if it will be worth it to continue. They are going down from .20 each answer to .10. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great day.

Kateedyd said...

Hey, that's my b-day too! That's pretty cool, huh?

I have to say that you need to stop beating yourself down so much. I know first-hand how difficult things can get (going through my own at the monent) my dh is an undiagnosed bi-polar with a regular manic attack each month. He get's really freaky and can be violent. It's even better cause I have to depend on him to bring in the money right now. :o{ Anyway, you're so not alone.

I have depression but I have to stay up, positive, and as energetic as I can for my kids. It's not easy and can be really draining. I'm everybody's mother and it's tough but I've got to make the best of it and find a way to learn from it.

God will give you what you need when He feels you're ready (something I did figure out), so it'll be fine.