Wednesday, August 27, 2008

~~Big Brother update~~

"Big Brother" was interesting last night. Dan the man is trying to play the game hard, and in the mean time pissin everyone off while doing it. I believe he made a few enemies last night. Dan better play his cards right or he will be going up on the chopping block. I also think Thursday night is a double eviction, in which the house guests have no idea yet. Won't they be surprised when Julie Chun announces this on Thursday. I told you guys, I am addicted to this show. That tells you how exciting my life I am replacing it with men for the time being. Speaking of men, I do miss them. I would give up "Big Brother" for love right now, so I am contradicting myself a little. That's OK, its my blog, I'm allowed to say what I feel. I miss that loving feeling; isn't there a song with those words?

I just got home from my Graphic Media class. It wasn't too bad. I thought we would have to stand up and introduce ourselves, but the instructor didn't, Thank God. She explained what we will be doing this semester, and let us go. I love art so much, it was my favorite subject in high school and as long as I can remember. In high school I won awards for drawings and sculpture art pieces, but never took it any further. My main goal after high school was getting married to my high school sweetheart. Which ended up in divorce after 7 years, oh well. I gave my marriage my all(well if I gave it my all, I would probably still be married, but since he was abusive, I couldn't stick it out). Sometimes I think back and when I was married at least I didn't have to worry about money. I ask myself this question all the time. Would I have been happier being slapped in the face every now and then, or not having money to pay my bills and buy my daughter everything she wants? My ex-husband makes a lot of money. BUT, I don't think I could have done it for much longer, so this was the right choice. We did have an awesome son named Bobby together, so something good did come out of it. Never married my daughter's daddy because he is abusive as well. How did I get from school, to these crazy men? I don't know, I just type whatever is on my mind.

My Aunt Peggy died on Monday night, so her funeral is on Saturday. I went to my dad's house yesterday, and hes really upset. I feel badly. Her husband just got out of the hospital, so hes not doing to good himself. I hate funerals so much; this is really raising my anxiety level this week with school. Still haven't heard from NTI. Maybe I should give them a call, its been a week. Still waiting on Quicktate, or iDictate. (On waiting list still). Well, I need to get off here, and mess with my toolbar for ppp. Still need to do this which I should have done by now.
God bless and have a great day.

Sincerely, Barbara :)

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