Tuesday, August 26, 2008

~~Problems with Entrecard~~

Entrecard keeps saying "Get One", even after I checked my cookies and did all the necessary tasks to allow it. Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong??

Hi everyone, How is everyone today? Good I hope. I am trying to fix my blog and add PPP, and entrecard, but I think my computer is acting up because I can't get either one to work so far. I think I may have to go back through the whole blog thread and reread. I did the tutorial for PPP, and still can't get it. Maybe its my mind..kind of in another world today. I went to my Math class last night, and it wasn't to bad, but of course, I just took notes. The hard part comes when I do the homework, and tests..lol. I went into my class and there was a woman sitting there, and I thought, "I know her from some where." Then when the instructor did the roll call I knew who she was. Shes a woman I worked with at a job for 8 years, but its been a while since I'd seen her, and didn't want to walk up to a stranger and be a fool. So at break, she came up to me and said "Barbara, is that you?" She was waiting on the roll call also. So, now a good friend is in my class..that makes it a little easier. Omgoshhh...right now I am torn between gas for my car, and getting a 12 pack of Diet Pepsi Max. Oh course I will pick the gas, not really a choice there, but it sure hurts to not get my Pepsi..

Anyway, on Wed and Thur I have my Graphic classes which are fun, so I hope. One of my teachers is hard; very, very professional, which is Okay, but we always have lots of projects due, I mean design projects, so these are not so easy to finish in a weeks time. Lets just hope she goes easy. And in design classes, we always have to give presentations.YUCK. I can't do these, and have only done maybe 3 since I started school, because of my anxiety problem. But, it does help when they make me do it. Gives me more self confidence. I am still thinking about this stupid entrecard deal. I hate when something doesn't work. Now I need to wash clothes, and clean house. And still waiting on my online class to appear. It was suppose to be open yesterday, but when I logged on, it wouldn't show up; go figure, nothing else is working..lol. Maybe it is this silly computer. I don't know, my Internet is working OK. Well, got to go. You guys have a blessed day. Oh yeah...TONIGHT IS 'BIG BROTHER' NIGHT..update tomorrow!

Sincerely. Barbara :)

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