Tuesday, August 26, 2008

~~5 Deaths this year, how sad~~

OKay, Last September 5th my aunt died, and we went to her funeral on my Birthday on Sept. 8th. Then 2 months later her son died, then a few weeks later his wife died. Then in July a really close friend died, now today my mom calls me to tell me that my Aunt Peggy died last night. This is awful. I am numb, and this has not been a good year. I know my daddy is sitting down home sick to his stomach. My daddy is 67, and has severe anxiety just like me. I guess I get it from him. I hate to go down home tonight. DEATH!! What makes me even more nervous is my daddy. He drinks beer everyday and he has his whole life, except when he was in the military, in which he probably did, but not as much. He drinks about 15 beers a day. I am so worried about him, and now he is upset about my Aunt, because that is his brother's wife. My Aunt and Uncle were like the perfect couple. They went every where together. She was in her 70's, and so is my uncle, but they acted like teenagers in love.

I just wanted to give my Aunt a farewell "Love you Lots" goodbye. You guys have a great day! God bless

Sincerely. Barbara :(

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Jaya said...

Sorry to hear of all your losses.