Saturday, August 30, 2008

~~Hurricane Gustav is getting closer~~

Hurricane Gustav is going strong heading to New Orleans. They are saying around Monday morning it should make land fall. I've been watching most of the week, and its winds are now at 125 mph. Wow. Then there is hurricane Hanna not far behind. The last week in August and the first week in Sept. seem to be not good weeks for this country. And wouldn't you know it, my birthday is Sept. 8, right in the middle. On Sept. 11 was the terrorists attack, and August 29th was hurricane Katrina. Now we are heading into two hurricanes this week. Omgoshh..

I wish I had a good boyfriend, you know, the ones that take care of you. There is one man that I feel is "the one" and his birthday is on Sept. 12, so every birthday I have, I really start thinking about him. I was so in love with him about 4 years ago. I always think on my birthday, he will knock at my door and surprise me. What a dreamer I am. I know where he lives, but I move so much, I doubt he even knows where I live. If he really loved me, he would find me. So I guess he has forgotten about me, even thought he told me I was "the one" for him too. Maybe this will be the year. But then, what would I do with my daughter's dad. I do see him every night for about an hour, but there's really not much to our relationship. Just don't know if I could break away from him though. But for Les(the one) maybe I could. I am so silly when it comes to this situation. I dream about the day he knocks at my door, but then on the other hand, afraid if he ever does, I wouldn't go through with it. I am so fickle.

Well, I think I am going to give the computer to my daughter, and maybe do some homework. I want to keep up with my school work, have to pass every class. You guys be safe if you live around the Gulf, and God bless.

Sincerely, Barbara :)

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MsVip213 said...

I hear hurricane after hurricane may be headed toward the Gulf. I pray that this is not true even though I am in Kansas. If all the predicted Hurricane hits it means long hours in the office for me and away from my son which really sucks. If you are wondering I am in the Coast Guard so I have to help with the Evacuation process.