Monday, September 1, 2008

~~Hanging in there~~

It's been a long weekend. Kind of glad its over, really the only thing I did was sleep in a little longer, which felt good. Been watching the hurricane updates most of the day. I am so glad it didn't do as much damage as predicted. Some flooding, and hopefully that will be it, but then Hurricane "Hanna" is on its way. I think Gustav and Hanna are a married couple coming together to cause some trouble. Their both just out there spinning around and around. I was planning on getting some homework done, but didn't happen. I just can't get motivated this semester. I did go in and change my schedule a little. Making a class change may make me less stressed out. We'll see about that.

I went to see my Uncle today, the one that just lost his wife(my aunt) last week. He's sick as well, and not doing to good. I am worried about him. He had his white cat sitting on his lap. It was so sweet seeing him sitting there with his kitty, I bet that cat was my Aunt Peggy's favorite cat..they have about 4 cats, and that white cat stays in the house. It probably reminds him of my Aunt, his wife. How sad. Love them both so much.

Last night on "Big Brother" Jerry won HOH, so now he has some power. There are 5 house guests left, and none of the other 4 wanted to be with Jerry. So he was all alone. But now, it is shifting in his favor. He put up Kesshia and Dan. Will let you know what goes down on Tuesday night when I watch it again. It ends on Sept. 16, so then I will have to find another fix. Speaking of fix, I have been out of my Diet Pepsi Max now for a few days...not good.

Well, this weekend has been long, and I have to get up early in the morning. Back to my regular schedule, so best be getting to bed. First I'm going to sign on to PPP and see if anything is happening yet. So far, i have 1..still hope I will catch some more this week. I need money badly. Hopefully NTI will call me this week. God bless you all, and come back and visit sometimes.

Sincerely. Barbara :)


Christine said...

I also am a huge Big Brother Fan, and was honestly disappointed when Jerry won the HOH. This has not been my favorite season though, i much preffered Dick and Danielle, and back when Janelle was in the house.

Nicoyle said...

I hope you don't mind, I added you to my blogroll on College Campus Mama. I have gotten to where I need my fix of Pepsi and peanut M&M's more now. I was doing well of not having that much of it all summer and now school starts and I need it... lol.

Nicoyle said...