Wednesday, September 3, 2008

~~A little of this, and a little of that~~

Watching "Project Runway" and waiting to hear Sarah Palin speak as John McCains VP choice. I'm flipping through the channels waiting. Seriously, I believe she is a good thing. I get so tired of seeing men in tight suites walking around looking for praise. Sarah is just what is needed in this race right now. Up until now, I was not going to vote, but now I may. Undecided still on this subject. Omgoshhhh, they have the camera on Sarah's seventeen year old daughter only because shes pregnant. Not far at all. I hate how people can be so judgemental . OH MY, Stella is out of the running on "Project Runway"; she is the leather girl. Her fashion was a little out there, but I still liked it, but not loving it. Not sure who I think should win at this point. My mind is fussy right now about everything. Whirling around like the wind. I was at school all day long, and it was OKay. I wasn't totally stressed, so I believe I made the right decision in dropping that class and replacing it with the one I did. Feel better about it. I am talking in circles I know. First project runway, then Sarah Palin, and school. Man, what a day. Oh yeah, I got my e-mail from NTI and I am going to be working with them. Everything was approved, now just waiting on them to call and confirm which job I will be doing. Thank God. Also, my first ppp was rejected. My link to my post was wrong, it was the link to my whole site, and they wanted just the link to that post. I don't know how to do that. Also, a few other issues about Old Navy...I don't know, I guess I suck when it comes to writing advertisements. I could have fixed it, and re submitted it, but just didn't feel like redoing it over.I don't have it in me for now. Will this stop me from getting further opp's?

Recap on what I just wrote because I am totally in the air tonight. Stella went home on "Project Runway"...Sarah Palin is getting ready to speak, John MaCain's new VP... NTI sent me another e-mail saying I am approved to work for them...My first ppp sucked...will try harder next time. School was good, well not good, just not bad....make since. Oh, and my daughter is in her room trying on clothes that are sleazy. She actually thinks she is going to wear this outfit to school tomorrow. I guess she will be yelling at me in the morning when I tell her no. Man, 14 year old are hard to raise. My son was not this hard. What to do, what to do. I did find a note while washing clothes talking about I am so worried. Not going there tonight. Like I said, my mind is whirling. God bless and have a great night. (and my hot water is not fixed yet. I called the landlord on Tuesday morning at 9am, and they still haven't came and fixed it. I am warming water on my stove, this is not right, I am getting more and more upset each day. I will be calling them tomorrow).

Sincerely, Barbara :)


Miss T said...

Hello there Barbara,Congratulations with NTI! I'm so happy for you. If you would like to re-submit to PPP, I think you would have to click on the post title in your blog and that would give you the link to that specific post in your address bar. I'm learning myself lol

Angie said...

You are too funny! Yes, just click on the title of your post and the URL will come up in the address bar. It will be the name of your blog with a back slash and then some of the name of your post. I think you may have a few days to resubmit? I had one reject, and when I resubmitted it, it was approved right away. And I have a son... I've seen the drama from girls and I pity you! :-)

Jen said...

Hi! I just wanted to come and leave you a comment since you were nice enough to comment on my lost cats. I have checked the other house, so far I haven't seen them there. I'm still hoping they show up. *Fingers crossed* LoL! I also watched the RNC last night. I think Palin did an excellent job. The best part by far though was the camera shot of the youngest daughter spitting on her hand and wiping her baby brothers hair with it. Too Funny!!

Rita said...

Hey Barbara -

Love your blog. I feel for you when it comes to your daughter - I have been there and done that and never want to go back. I have a 24-year-old daughter who turned into another person when she was 14 and by the time she was 18 we hated each other. I loved her but didn't like her, make sense? I am going to write about this in my blog - maybe it will help some people. Anyway - keep writing and good luck in everything you do - hang in there - it does and will get better.