Thursday, September 18, 2008

~~Keep thinking about him~~

Hi everyone, how are ya'll doing? Me, well, I think I'm in la la land. Every since I found that card on my truck, I have been thinking about this man. I sent him a Birthday card on Tuesday, and have been really nervous about doing this. I am so confused, like usual. Even though me and my daughter's daddy are not together, together, we still see each other for about an hour a night, but we are at my moms and just talking with everyone around, but I feel like I cheated. All I did was send a Birthday card, so I should just relax. Anyways, he may not even have gotten it. I think I do love him or I wouldn't be thinking about him so much. I have been thinking about him now for about 4 years. So confused. Need to think about this more, and get back with you guys on this one.

School is going well. I am learning about graphics and its fun. I hope I can finally get it, so maybe I can have a real career in graphic design. That would be so awesome. Have my own business right here out of my home, doing Just a dream for now, but dreams are what my life have always been based on. I dream a lot, but usually that's as far as they go.I am still waiting on NTI to contact me with a second interview. That's frustrating that they haven't contacted me yet. I just e-mailed them, so hopefully they will get back with me. Looking into finding something else. I pretty much gave up on ppp's, they just weren't working for me. Any ideas would be great about now, so if anyone has a led somewhere please let me know. Well, I am heading down to my mom's house, so will talk to you guys later. God bless you all and have a great night.

sincerely, Barbara :)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Barb,

It's charlala! I know, Long time no hear from. I wanted to swing by and see what you are up to and I would like to say, I like your page hun. Thanks for all of your comments and if I can be of any assistance, just let me know. I will be posting more soon. I tell the truth with the storms and all, I was abandoned by electricity but I am finding my footsteps slowly but surely. Keep posting those heartfelt thoughts girlfriend!