Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~~Why do people do the things they do~~

Do you ever just wonder why people do the things they do. Like writing on public restroom walls. I will be the first to admit that my life can be boring at times, but its never got so boring that I've thought to myself "I think I'll go sit in the bathroom and write something stupid". Omgoshhh, every time I go to a restroom in public, you are sitting there and glance over to see some writing or phone number. If I had to put my phone number in a bathroom stall, then I would go shot myself. You'll see " For a good time call **********" , and I'm thinking, what are these people thinking. Or some random statement. It's crazy. Anyway, I was just thinking about that the other day and thought, people are really nuts. And all these different personalities out there. You just have to wonder what everyone is thinking about. Or what is everyone doing in their houses at night. When driving by houses sometimes, I wonder, "What are they doing tonight?" Or you see someone just sitting there a million miles away, just thinking. Are they thinking about food, or their man(0r woman). One of these days I plan on writing a book on peoples thoughts and why they do what they do. All though I don't think I would like to know every ones thoughts. That would be a little scary. My dad was sitting there starring into space and I asked him, "What are you thinking about" and he said, " I am counting my beers in my head" You see, he drinks about 15 a day, and has to space them out, so he was doing a mind check on how many he had left to drink. He usually saves the tabs in his pocket so hes knows. I wish he would quit, but he can't. He said if he did, he wouldn't have anything else to do. Anyway, everyone has a story, and I plan on finding out what makes people tick. Its a project of mine that's been on the back burner for a while now.

I think "Big Brother" is on tonight. I thought I heard them say Thursday night, I'll have to check. It is the last night which ever it is. Down to Dan and Memphis. Don't care for either, well if I had to pick one, I would for sure pick Dan. He did play the game the best. So GO DAN.
Well, I have soooo much homework to do I don't know if I'm coming or going. First I need to drive over to the Hobby Lobby and buy some art supplies, so have to get off here now. God bless you all, and have a wonderful day

Sincerely, Barbara :)

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Shannon said...

Sometimes I think of things that I could have done differently. For example, sometimes when people talk to me, I will reply with something completely stupid, and out of the blue, and I wonder all the time why I do that, or what causes me to just blurt out things in that fashion. I dont know, maybe you could help me a little on that? haha