Monday, September 22, 2008

~~Going to school, talk soon~~

Hi everyone, I am in between classes, so I can't talk very long for now. I had the worse anxiety last night that it made me cry. I think the thought of going to school this morning brought it on. I don't know why, I just got really sick and nervous. This morning I felt a little better, but I think its because I worry about getting in front of the class. Today, the first thing our teacher said was, "practice on your on design font, and we'll do our critiques on our ramson notes we made last week" and my heart sunk. There was on way I could get in front of the class this morning, so I prayed like I did last night and this morning. Well, before we knew it, time had passed to quickly and he didn't mention it. So for 2 and a half hours i sit there worrying about doing this, only to not have to~~~THANK GOD~~I Believe He heard my prayer's. So now I am getting ready to pick my daughter up from school and take her to my moms so I can go back to school for my Algebra class. Double yuck. I hate this class so much. I got a D on my first test. Not good at all. I must make a C in order to take the next Math class in the spring semester to graduate, so I best be getting that tutor now,

With "Big Brother" over, I feel so lost. Now I can't find anything to watch. I guess I can use this time to STUDY ...That would be a good idea. STill looking for that silly white truck to pull up. No luck there yet. Hell, he probably didn't even receive the card I sent. He probably moved or something, or knows, who's cares...ME!!! Oh well, that would have been a bunch of drama that I don't need right now. And still waiting on NTI to call me back. They write, but don't call. I wish I knew what it was God wanted me to do. Life is so confusing. Its like a big puzzle and we have to put all the pieces together correctly, or its a do over. Well, I really need to sign off and head out the door. I am not in school tomorrow, so I will visit every ones blog site. I haven't been posting on wahm because I forgot my password and to busy to get another one. But I do go on and read all your updates and check out new job leads. God bless you all and have a great day.

Sincerely, Barbara :)

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Rita said...

I think it is great you are going back to school - I envy you!! Keep it up - you'll be so glad you did. I didn't watch Big Brother but have a lot of friends who did and they feel just like you do!