Friday, September 5, 2008

~~Web design ideas for class project~~

Sitting here trying to come up with a design for a web site I have to create for my web design class. We need three topics to choose from. I am leaning towards art history, but I think that may be a little hard as a first assignment, since I am learning the basics of web design. For some reason my mind is a complete blank. My mind is usually full of ideas. I have to use this as a final project to put in my portfolio at the end of next semester, so it really should be something I want to have a career in, but still lost in what exactly I want to do. I love New York, and my dream is to live there and have an advertising firm, or work there for a major magazine company. But, like I said, those are only dreams..I can't possibly leave my mom and daddy. Even thought I am 44, they will be needing me here soon to help them out. I want to help them because they have done so much for me. If I get a really good career going, I can do just that. So, I will go to bed tonight and try and dream of a good idea. Sometimes my dreams come true. I really want this project to be perfect. Also in my media graphics class I was reading the syllabus and I seen where we are expected to give about 5 presentations in front of the class. I swear I had the worst anxiety attack. Now I am wishing I didn't switch classes..I am so fickle. Man, I get myself in some good situations.

Waiting on NTI to call about job, and today I got an e-mail from about a job. I need to send all my info on this one. It could be worth doing. Maybe I could do both, considering I can pick my own hours for paramends. But I still need to find time for school work. Oh, today I went to the bookstore and bought Creative Suite cs3, which is Illustrator. I bought it on my financial aid and it cost me 400 dollars..I know that sounds like a lot, but I really need this software to do my classes, and hopefully for doing jobs on the side when I do finish school, so I look at it as an investment towards my future. Well, I need to get off here, and try to catch an opp. They say midnight is when they start dropping. God bless you all.

Sincerely, Barbara :)

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Nicoyle said...

I enjoy reading your blog and wanted to give you this award =) It's on my Anybody Can Bake blog for you to pick up.