Wednesday, September 17, 2008

~~Big Brother is done~~For this season~~

Hi everyone. Just getting ready to go to school. Been real busy lately so I hardly ever come on here, but its usually just me venting anyways. I'm not making money on here, so I just consider this blog my I don't think I spelled that correct, oh well. Last night on "Big Brother" Dan won the game. I knew he would. Memphis sucks pretty much. Now I will have to find something else to watch on the nights it was on. Thank God the fall season i on now.

I sent a Birthday card to the guy who put a Birthday card on my truck. His birthday was 5 days after mine. I wasn't for sure I wanted to send him one, but yesterday I was looking at cards and thought, why not. So I wrote a little note inside. At least he'll know that I am thinking about him too. (If it was him who left the gift card on my truck). Oh well. I'm thinking he should get it tomorrow. He only lives about 30 miles away, so he may get it today. Omgoshhh. If I see his truck drive by I'll know he got it. Well I have to head out the door and go to school. God bless who ever comes to this page and reads. I don't believe I have much traffic, but thanks to the ones who do come by.

Sincerely, Barbara :)

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Christine said...

I was happy Dan won, because he did play the game well. I know I will be looking forward to Survivor and the Amazing Race now. And I don't mind your emotioanl rants...they are always great to read, sorry I am not more of a therapist though.