Thursday, September 25, 2008

~~Sarah Palin~~I wish people would leave her alone~~

Hello everyone, its been a while since I've wrote in here. My computer is not running well at all. I hope I can get through this post without it going down.

Back to Sarah Palin. Every time I turn on the news I hear someone bashing this woman. Why is that? She has to account for every word, and I sure don't hear people questioning Mr. Joe Biden(Think I spelled his name right). I am just getting so frustrated at listening to people. I watch the 'View" and a few of those women on there just really don't like her. And a lot of the stars just absolutely hate her. Take Pam Anderson for one, she actually said " I just hate her". Do they personally know her? I doubt it. I believe they are jealous that a woman in her 40's may have a chance of becoming President. I doubt they've been to her house and had dinner with her and her family. That would be like me saying I hate Joe Biden when I don't even know anything about this man. Just because Obama chose him doesn't make me hate him. I guess he wears his suit better then Sarah. I see people making fun of style and where she lives, its ridiculous. When McCain called her up, I am sure she didn't run and take a class on VP. She was a mayor and a is a governor. What else do these people want? I say leave her alone and let her grow into her new found position as a running mate with John McCain. She could prove to be very good.

I watched "Project Runway" last night and suede went home. I think I spelled his name correctly. I am having spelling problems today with excuse that. Anyway, I was kind of wanting Kindley to go home(once again, don't know about that She is a smart butt and thinks her designs are so great, and I don't think they are. Anyway, she is always putting Tim Gunn down when he tries to give her criticism. I would take it if he gave it to me. I mean, after all, he is a designer and I think he knows a little bit more then her. Maybe not, but she should just try and listen for a change. Some people think they know it all. Can't tell them nothing.

I have been waiting on my student loan money now for a week. I thought for sure it would be here by now. Oh well. I had to borrow another 100 from my mom to pay my cable. It was due today, and thought I would have my money, but it didn't come so I had to ask my mommy again. That really sucks when I have to do that. She was nice about it. I pray it will come tomorrow. I was suppose to go to school yesterday, but had really bad anxiety all day long and couldn't do anything. So far this semester I have kept it under check, but yesterday it was bad. I e-mailed my teachers, and hope they aren't upset with me. I don't go back until Monday, so hopefully I will feel better by then.

Sincerely, Barbara :)


Claudette said...

I am not a fan of Sarah Palin. That's for a variety of reasons (including the fact that she would like to ban abortions even for rape or incest victims, the fact that before she was tapped to be the VP candidate she really did have to ask what a VP does, etc.) However, I do think that she shouldn't be attacked on the basis of her looks. That to me is very sexist. They did the same thing with Hillary. They usually don't do that with male candidates.

I don't think that those people you stated are jealous of her. I for one think it's great that she was even a choice. However, to me, the fact that she was chosen was a slap in the face to women by John McCain. I think he chose her because she was a woman who wasn't overly rich, not because of experience or anything like that. I knew he was going to chose a woman the first time he started talking to the Hillary supporters. I for one, think that there are a lot of different women who he should have chosen just from experience, foreign policy, etc. Those things were a huge, huge part of his argument against Barack Obama and then he goes and chooses someone who has those exact same issues. It seemed hypocritical to me.

The McCain campaign people have given very few opportunities for Palin to really be interviewed or give any kind of forum where she is able to be asked questions. The fact is, she is unknown and people do want to get to know her and what her stances and experiences are with different things. I find it insulting that she isn't given free reign to talk. If the Obama campaign were doing the same kind of heavy control on Joe Biden, I would be insulted as well.

Oh and I don't watch a lot of the right-wing media, but they do talk about what Joe Biden says a lot on the occasions that I have watched it. :) They even do on the left-wing media, lol.

On a non-political note, I hear that for some reason a lot of people's financial aid money didn't come in on time or something. I have some friends who are still in college and they have been fighting tooth and nail to get it. That happened to me once on the next to last year I was in college and it was very hard. I hope you get yours soon!

Lisa said...

Hi! You can add my blog as is a blogspot but I have purchased the .com to point to it. Make sense? Thanks, Lisa

p.s. I like your blog and think people should leave Palin alone too!

MommyKoz said...

I admire Governor Palin & have held tremendous respect for her for some time before she was named By Senator McCain as his VP nominee. I think a good number of the louder attacks are coming from the real threat that she has brought to the Republican ticket.

In my opinion, with the addition of Gov. Palin many of the conservatives who were previously adopting either the "wait and see who it is" or the "sit on my hands" have come around in support of the GOP ticket, and enthusiastically.

I think she brings a fresh perspective to the race, and am fascinated that her biggest detractors find fault with her being... herself. Real. :)