Thursday, September 4, 2008

~~Why can't they just fix it already, ****~~

Here we go again. Omgoshhhh...what do I have to do to get hot water around here. This isn't the first time I've had landlord problems. In March of this year, my bathroom ceiling almost fell through. The bath tub in the apartment above me started leaking, and flooded my whole bathroom. I called the landlord and she did send someone out that day. The maintenance man had to rip a big hole in my ceiling to fix the pipes above. He said he would be back out to fix the hole but never returned. Then in a few weeks I noticed it was leaking again, so I called them back so they could come out and refix the pipes and maybe, just maybe fix this big hole. I waited and waited and no one came. That problem is still not fixed. When the people above me takes a shower or whatever they do(don't want to know, my God), it drips down into my bath...and it grosses me out totally. I have to go in and clean my bath after they did done. Then on July 4th weekend, my whole bathroom flooded. I called them even though it was the 4th of July weekend only because I could not clean up all the water...I would soak it up, and it would flood again. When I called my landlord, she said "well, turn the knob under the toilet" and I said...." Its not the toilet..its coming from the floor" and I think she thought I was stupid because she said, "are you sure" omgoshhhh..I said "Yes, I'm sure, its coming from the floor" finally she said, well we'll figure out what to do and call you the meantime, my bathroom floor was flooded. When they did come, she said that as soon as I called, someone from across the hall called with the same problem. And I still believe that is the only reason they did come out. Not because I called. So fast forwarding now to Tuesday at 9am..I called her and said, "I have no hot water, can you please send someone out to fix this" and she OK.
Its Thursday and still no one is here. I don't know what her problem is with me. The only thing I can think of is when I called her for the third time about the leak above my bath tub, she asked who came out to fix it, and said "I don't know, the guy with the pretty blue eyes" and she said, "oh, that's my son, and hes married" like I actually wanted him or something. Maybe they think I am a hussy or something. When my bathroom flooded and she had to come out, instead of a maintenance man coming out, she came with her hubby. Okay, I am gone venting about my landlord, and leaks, and floods, and what the hell ever. I will give her until tomorrow, and then its

I loved watching Sarah Palin speaking last night. She is awesome in my eyes. I think the media is jealous of her, and trying to paint a bad picture of her. They will dig and dig until the find the uglies about her. Man, I hate when people just can't accept you and have to find something wrong with everyone. Just leave her alone and let her have her victory for now. Omgoshhh...this world is amazing. People. I just don't get them. (Still thinking about that hot water...getting steamed)

I still have not opened a school book today. I've been on my computer all morning doing nothing. Me bad. I just can't; I look over at them, and look away quickly as if they can see're saying "Barbara, your gonna fail, your gonna fail" "Shut up stupid books, I have enough on my plate worrying about my water. Oh yeah, this water here sucks too. When I moved in it tasted slimy and yucky, so I have to bring in water from my moms to use for cooking and drinking. I AM SO MOVING WHEN MY LEASE IS UP ON OCTOBER 31. And I can't wait.

OK, 'Big Brother' is on tonight, (it is Thursday, right?), yeah, it is. Anyway, I just a 12 pack of Diet Pepsi tonight will be a good night...not going to think about my water, or school. But, in the morning, I am for sure going to get all these things straight. Well, need to get off here. You all have a great day, and God bless you.

Sincerely, Barbara :)


Nicoyle said...

My medieval class is a regular history class for historical prospective that I have to take. I'm glad it's only an hour and 15 minutes. My books are calling to me too that I was suppose to read for tonight for this class, lol. They are now placed back in my bookbag so I can't see them.. hahaha. Have a good day.

SF said...

I'm moving from one apt to another this weekend.

I know JUST what you mean. The water pressure where I live is more like a drip than a pour.