Tuesday, September 2, 2008

~~Hot Water Blues~~

Well, its "Big Brother" night, Thank God..I told ya, I'm sad...looking forward to a TV show is sooo sad., Oh well, it will take my mind off going to school a full day tomorrow. Since I changed my schedule around, I now have a class on Wednesday from8:30-11:15, the one from 12:30-4:15, which I guess is good, I can get them both done and be done with it. Well, I do have one on Monday morning at 8;30-11:15 and then that night 6-9pm. And lets not forget my Web Design class I am taking online. Yuck. At least I got rid of Electronic Illustrator. But, I will still have to take it next semester, at least I don't have that stress right now.

Right now I am waiting on a maintenance man to come and fix my hot water. I thought it might be just a fuse, but not my luck. I had to call my landlord this morning. So now I am waiting. But at 3 I am out of here. I hope it they come when I am gone that they don't let my cat out. Omgoshhh, my daughter would have a fit. Well, gotta go for now..having some anxiety about a man coming in my apartment, I don't like strange men coming in here.
God bless you all and have a great day.

Sincerely. Barbara :)

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Miss T said...

Hello there Barbara, I hope your hotwater gets fixed soon. Still no luck with PPP lol I'll just keep trying. Have a great week!