Saturday, September 13, 2008

~~A guy friend to remember always~~

Hi everyone..Hows everyone doing considering all the bad weather Texas has? I've been watching Hurricane Ike take over Texas. Its really sad, I have a friend that lives there. I hope him and his family are safe. Tonight I wanted to talk about a guy that I met a long time ago. I was working at DADC (sony), and had a boyfriend(my daughter's daddy) at the time. Me and Adam(my daughters dad) had been seeing each other for about 7 years at this time. My daughter was 2 years old. Me and Adam were having bunches of problems. For one, he was always going out drinking and staying gone for days at a time leaving me with the baby. And I was working 5, 12 hour days a week, so I was tired and stressed out, and always crying. So i met this guy at work. His name was Mark. Well, I'd heard one of my friends at work saying that this guy was interested in going out with me. My friend had told him he didn't have a chance with me. That really upset me, who was she to say that to this guy. Anyway, I thought about this guy all weekend long, and could not wait to go back to work and tell him that I did not say anything like that. We made this eye contact and he came up to me and said I really like your nail polish, and I said "Thanks" and he walked on. I finally went up to him and said "I did not say you didn't have a chance with me" and he said " I'm glad to hear that, would you like to go out sometimes" and it started from there. I wasn't really attracted to him. I got attracted to him when my friend told him told me what she told him "that he didn't have a chance with me" for some reason I felt sorry for him and had to make it up to him by going out with him. Omgoshh, this is where it gets good. I decided to get a babysitter and go out with him. We met at a bar, and had a few drinks. He wasn't that cute, and was not my type at all. But something about him kept pulling me to him. After we where there at the bar for a while, he went and played some music and came back and sit down next to me. He moved my hair from my face and told me I had the most amazing blue eyes. Then he held my hand and just kept looking at me. Then he kissed me at the table. Omgoshhh. It was the best kiss in the world. Well, we left and i won't go into detail from this point, but I fell in love. So then I had a big problem. I had Adam, who was mean to me, and was always gone drinking and not helping me with bills. And then I had this new man named Mark who was really wining me over big time. As time went on, I kept seeing him and was afraid to say anything to Adam. But eventually when one is seeing 2 men at the same time, things are bound to start happening. First he wanted to see me on Valentine's Day, but I told him I was going out of town with Adam. You see, he knew about Adam, but Adam didn't know about him. When I got home from going out of town, I had seen where he had tried to call me like a 100 times,and so did Adam. Not good. From then on things got bad. I tried to break it off with Mark, but he wouldn't do it. He said he loved me. So, he told Adam about us. How that happened was Mark went to the same bar that night that Adam was at. Well, they had a long talk, and Mark called me from the bar and told me he was sitting there with Adam and was heading to my house now. So they were both heading to my house at the same time. This was at 3 in the morning and I had to be at work at 6am. They both arrived at the same time and Mark told me to tell Adam that we were seeing each other, so I did. Then they started fighting in the front yard. Mark left, Adam came in and went to bed. I went to work. I came home and talked with Adam about the situation. I decided not see Mark anymore. But by then it was to late, because Adam had started seeing someone new. Omgoshhh. I felt so sick. I hated Adam for being mean to me, but I loved him as well. I can't explain this to anyone. So when Adam moved in with his new girlfriend, I kept seeing Mark. But was not feeling the love like I used to with him. Now I wanted Adam back. I cried every night, and Mark knew this. He knew he could not replace Adam. Eventually Adam came back to me. We got back together, and Mark joined the Navy. He was in the Navy for 6 years. Now we are friends and he is married to a woman in Japan where he now lives. The reason he joined the Navy was to be away from me. He did write me before he found this new woman and said he still wanted to be with me, but I told him me and Adam were together.
Isn't life crazy. If I had taken Mark, I could be living in Japan. That's OK, I don't really care for Sometimes I do think of him though. He is on myspace. I was looking for his name and found it and wrote him a note. To think we go through life with different loves and just go on as nothing is wrong. I wonder which man was the right one because I am here alone and all my ex's are married and happy. I am still chasing the fantasy that me and Adam will live happily ever after. I still have the man that put that gift card on my I don't know who was "the one". Just one of my many guy friends. God bless you all and have a great night.

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