Monday, September 8, 2008

~~Good day at school~~

Just got home from school and I must say it wasn't to bad. I actually learned a little about illustrator in my graphics class. But its only Monday, so we'll see how the rest of the week goes. I have algebra tonight(good way to spend my birthday--going to algebra)Yuck! You know, I still have not done 1 single homework problem that we were suppose to do for tonight. I am so gonna be hating that when I get to class and he comes around to look at our progress. Oh well, I will get to that here soon.

The maintenance man was here to fix my hot water, but I believe he will be coming back since he left everything out. I wish he would hurry up and get her done, omgoshh. its been like forever since I've had hot water. Tonight I am going to fill the bath full and take a bubble bath. I did watch "Big Brother" last night but I can't really tell you what it was about because me and my daughter were trying to download Adobe Illustrator to my computer, so I gleamed at the tv in between problems. I believe Dan won a day on the beach, and he gets to take either a house guest that is still left in the house, or one of the jury. I think he is choosing to take one of the jury, but told his house guests that he wasn't taking anyone. He's a big fat lair, but playing the game well. They are down to 4 people, and this is the last week. Then maybe I can get some homework finished. I do have 2 tests on Wednesday.

I sit and look out my window now, ever since I found that gift card on my truck. I know he drives a white truck. Do you know how many white ford trucks there are? LOL. Silly me. Don't know what I would do if he did decide to stop by. I am so hungry, but waiting on the maintenance man to come back and finish. And I don't want to share with him, because he may think I am flirting, so I brought my computer in my daughters room so I could be out of his way when he comes back. If he comes back..that's the question. If not, there goes my hot bubble bath tonight.

I think I'm going to do some homework before I pick up my daughter from school. I might check to see if there are any opp's, but so far I've only gotten lucky once, and blew that because it got rejected. Every time I go there, there all red or grey. How do people actually make money on ppp? Do they stay online all day long and catch them? And I am still waiting on NTI to call me for that second interview. Man. That's OK, I will be getting my student loan in about 3 weeks. Then I can pay all my bills. Well, God bless you all and have a great day.

Sincerely, Barbara :)


Kateedyd said...

OMG! That WAS you who has the same b-day as me...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Glad you have some things to keep your mind occupied and something special to brighten your day!

Nicoyle said...

I think once you get the hang of Illustrator you will like it. I know I did when I went to college the first tie for Graphic Design/Advertising. I know what you mean with PPP. I am with them as well using it with one of my other blogs, but only had one opp as well. Oh well, I am working with ChaCha or trying to when I get the time to.