Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fashion is one of my favorite words! Fashion magazines like Cosmo have been around forever and a day. I remember reading Cosmo when I was a teenager, which seems like 100 years ago, even though I am only 44, I feel like I should be was just sitting here thinking about buying school clothes, and how everything we wear revolves around our fashion sense. I, for one, use to be into wearing whatever was in..but not so much now. I guess because I have no money to go mall shopping like I used too. Oh, but my daughter has a high fashion sense right now...being 14, she is in deep. Yesterday, she went and got her hair colored..It is blond and a purple strip on both sides. It looks cute, and if I was 14, I believe I would do the same thing. But, being think I will stay with just coloring my hair the color I always do...reddish brown. She is into her butt now..she is always looking at it in the mirror..omgoshh!! I think I have my hands full with this girl.
Another way I love fashion is design. I would love to be a designer of anything. Designing web sites, or designing houses or doesn't matter. I just want to have the word "Design" in my career title. If I can just make it through this year of school, I will have that magical degree in design. What I am taking in school is mainly for web design, but I would love to go to New York and be around people in the designing world, like Project of my favorite show...Fashion week on that show is awesome...Some day I will go to fashion week in New York. I made that promise to myself a long time ago, and I have to go to the Art Museums there also. That would be my dream come true." Make it happen, make it will Tim, I promise" Well gots to go..God bless you all, and have a wonderful day.
Sincerely, Barbara :)

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